Every lender should benefit fully from the significant cost savings on mortgage valuation fees which are achievable from the prudent and suitably targeted use of AVMs. But experience suggests that AVM processes are often implemented without the rigorous scrutiny which this non-inspection valuation process requires and which an independent assessment can provide.

Philip Santo & Co offer a range of services to assess the benefits and reduce the risks associated with using AVMs. These include:

  • Identifying and appraising potential for AVM use
  • Estimating potential cost savings achievable with AVMs
  • Suggesting AVM criteria to meet business objectives, e.g.

    • Loan-to-value limits

    • Property types and styles

    • Property value ranges

    • Geographical exclusions

Ensure AVM use complies with requirements of:

Basel 2

Financial Services Authority

Council of Mortgage Lenders

Building Societies Association

Rating Agencies

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors