Prior to establishing this company, Philip Santo was responsible for the management of Abbey’s survey operation in their South-West Region. Responsibilities there included technical and valuation policy guidance, supervising quality control and service delivery and investigating customer complaints.

The company adds value to its AVM consultancy by maintaining a range of standard survey services. This provides a continuing practical relationship with the housing market which informs the predominantly statistical and analytical AVM disciplines.

Activities include:

Regular contacts with all AVM providers and links with large and small lenders, supervisory and regulatory bodies and academics. International contacts are increasing as AVM use expands

Designing and supervising original investigations into the effectiveness and suitability of AVMs in the UK

Undertaking comparative tests of AVM providers (up to 25,000 properties per test)

Auditing the existing use of AVMs to ensure full compliance with FSA and CML requirements

Playing a central role in the highly successful incorporation of AVMs within a fully automated process at a top five UK lender

Being contracted to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to facilitate a Working Party on AVM Standards